World of Warcraft: The Thunder King – Rilasciato il trailer inglese per la patch 5.2

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La Blizzard ha rilasciato il trailer della Patch5.2 dedicata al Re Tuono, al momento pare solo in inglese. Buona visione!

Pandaria, her hills of gold
In dark and mournful times of old
Did once a hopeless horror hold

When from her sacred veil did spring
With storm and flash, a monstrous thing
His name Lei-Shen, the Thunder King

His thunder boomed across the land
And none who dared and fought could stand
Against the iron tyrant’s hand

A palace grand, a walled domain
Such mighty works born of his reign
Built by slaves, their hearts in chains

But seasons change and tyrants die
His fury spent in times gone by
The thunder slept beneath Kun Lai

By Zandalari hands he has been taken
By Zandalari voice he has awakened

Gather heroes, sound the drums
The Thunder King comes
The Thunder King comes

PS Cercherò di trovare anche la versione italiana .-.

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